A Fun Example Of How To Use Custom Stress Balls In Your Promotions

Custom stress balls: These squeezy brand-builders add an instant pop of fun to any promotion. Whether they’re colorful orbs featuring your logo or custom shapes to represent your brand (there are hundreds to choose from), people can’t resist getting their hands on promo stress balls. They’re fun to squish and squeeze, and they provide a tactile experience while showcasing your logo.

So, how can marketers use custom stress balls to promote their business? Here’s a great example from our client, For Love of Children (FLOC). This D.C.-based nonprofit that provides free educational services to low-income families needed a cost-effective giveaway for attendees at its annual recognition event and awards ceremony.

custom stress balls

With a theme of “Games and Play,” promo stress balls were a natural fit. Recruitment and Outreach Manager Elizabeth Metz says: “We give out gifts and prizes to specific award winners, but we also try to infuse an attitude of general celebration. We wanted all of our students (and everyone else, too, for that matter!) to leave with a gift.”

ePromos suggested round stress balls in vibrant, eye-catching red with FLOC’s logo as a crisp, white imprint. They were a resounding success at the event, generating “lots of smiles,” according to Metz.

FLOC got more mileage out of the promo giveaways (and additional brand exposure) by incorporating them into its volunteer orientations. Potential volunteers got FLOC swag right from the get-go, serving as a tangible reminder of the organization.

More than 100 people received the stress balls at the event, and an extra 200+ received them at volunteer orientations. Metz has been so pleased with the promos that she’s already re-ordered.

“The printing is great, the price is good, and the product is fun,” she says. “They were inexpensive but not cheap-looking, and they were imprinted with our logo but weren’t useless trinkets.”

What made the custom stress balls such great giveaways for FLOC is that they fit the theme and the audience. Had this been a formal affair such as a black-tie gala, stress balls would have been out of place. But because the event featured games and focused on fun, and because FLOC is an organization that works with children, stress balls were spot-on perfect.

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