Custom Bags As An Anniversary Gift? Absolutely.

custom bags

Custom bags may not be the ideal choice for your significant other on an anniversary, but in the business world, they’re great.

Our client, Crestline Investors, Inc., a registered investment advisor with the SEC, recently used promotional bags to celebrate the firm’s 15-year anniversary. When staffers gathered at a Happy Hour event, they each received a custom duffel bag imprinted with the company’s logo.

“I wanted something business executives would be proud to carry as well as something that displayed our company name,” says Lisa Parasiliti of Crestline Investors. “The bags were just as described—durable, roomy, and they had a nice look.”

The roomy part was especially important to some employees. One staffer reported to Parasiliti: “I used my bag for a trip I took this past weekend, and it was awesome! I had enough room for my stuff—and I don’t pack lightly when it comes to hair and makeup.”

Anniversary gifts can sometimes be tricky, but not when you give logo messenger bags. They’re useful to all, and they let you promote your business while simultaneously rewarding your staff.

Promo know-how tip:

Keep the audience in mind when selecting promotional bags. Sleek duffel bags make a nice customized corporate gift for an executive crowd, while messenger bags are better suited for students.

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