Custom Bags Become Wedding Memorabilia

Here comes the bride … along with custom bags for all the wedding guests. Everyone wants to remember when friends and loved ones tie the knot, and personalized bags make creative keepsakes.

custom bag

Lovebirds Daniel and Julia reached out to ePromos in search of the perfect wedding favor to hand out on their big day this September. Julia envisioned a logo of sorts for their wedding—an image to depict “the apple of my eye”—and worked with a designer to bring it to life.

The next step was finding a bag to showcase the artwork. Daniel called ePromos, and our Brand Consultants took it from there.

“The order process was easy with the help of the ePromos staff. They sent me all the samples I needed, offered ideas for similar products and gave me the time I needed to make up my mind,” he says.

Once they found the bag that was “the one,” a white reusable tote bag, we had it in their hands faster than you can say “I do.”

“I was very impressed by the turnaround time. It took less than two weeks from when I ordered the bags to when they arrived at my house,” Daniel says. “The few people who have seen them think they’re a lot of fun, a great idea and that they look really nice.”

We love a great love story—especially when it involves promotional products.

Promo know-how tip:

Custom bags are a great reminder of your business or special event, and one way to ramp them up is by including logo goodies inside. Let our Brand Consultants find the perfect fillers for your promotional bags.

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