Custom Bags Create A Buzz For Pediatric Dental Practice

Kids who go to Bright Smiles of Winter Haven, a Florida-based pediatric dental office, get more than a teeth cleaning at visits—they score some great custom drawstring bags.

If there’s anything that takes the dread out of going to the dentist, it’s free stuff. And for the dentist, the promotional bags are excellent marketing tools.

custom bagThink about it: Kids are busy. Between school and extracurricular activities, they’re lugging those logo tote bags everywhere.

The exposure is why Mike Miller, who works for Bright Smiles’ advertising agency, contacted ePromos for promotional bags.

“We wanted to provide our new clients with gifts,” Miller says. “We figured promotional bags would be perfect to put everything in. They’re relevant, and child- and adult-friendly. When a child is going to a sports practice or dance practice, for example, it’s easy for parents to throw stuff in and go.”

Bright Smiles advertises in a variety of ways—from social media to newspaper ads. But it’s the promotional bags that generate the conversation that’s so critical to the practice’s growth.

“Much of the business comes through referrals,” says Miller. “The child’s smile is our biggest billboard, and the bags are such a great way to introduce the discussion of which dentist a child goes to.”

Miller anticipates that the bags will be filled with other freebies such as tumblers for parents and youth-sized t-shirts for patients.

By using promotional gifts that are functional and appealing to all age groups, Bright Smiles is successfully building its brand one patient at a time.

Promo know-how tip:

Always include something in your promotional bags—whether it’s printed information about your business, coupons, or another promotional item. Let our Brand Consultants create your next promotion using custom bags.

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