Custom Beach Balls: A Must For Your Summer Events

Summer soirees are instantly more fun with the addition of custom beach balls. From pool parties and backyard luaus to company picnics and corporate events, they turn an ordinary gathering into a summer bash.

How can you use promotional beach balls? Let us count (er, bounce) the ways.

custom beach balls

Photo courtesy of Host Committee

Use them to make a splash as party favors or décor, or you can include them in gift bags or incorporate them into an activity for guests. Towel beach ball toss or a game of classic beach volleyball is a guaranteed way to get people off their chaise lounge.

Here’s another idea to bounce around: beach balls in your direct marketing. They’re lightweight and flat before you inflate them, making them ideal candidates for mailing to clients or prospects. They’re a unique way to create instant recognition for your brand and build a buzz around your event.

For our client, Host Committee, an organization that works with hosts to curate parties specific to their crowd and occasion, custom beach balls were just the way to kick off the summer party season and get its name out there.

See what Jonathan Durkee, Head of Marketing, and Marguerite Pravata, Manager of Event Production, for Host Committee, have to say about the summer-iest of promotional items: beach balls.

How did you use promotional beach balls?

We used customized beach balls at our Host Committee beach party at Dream Downtown’s The Beach to decorate the pool and pool deck for the event – our kick-off pool party for summer. Our target market was 250 guests who range in age anywhere from 22 to 30 years old.

Why beach balls?

They were the best choice because they were Host Committee-branded, and worked with our beach party theme. We chose pink and white because they’re our company colors, and they looked amazing against the backdrop of the pool.

How were they used at the event?

The beach balls covered the pool, which was the centerpiece of the party. Some guests picked them up for photos, while others kicked them around the pool deck. A few of our guests even left with them for a keepsake.

What was the response?

Everyone loved the beach balls! They were a hit. Having them at the party really enhanced our “beach” theme, and it was a great way to brand Host Committee. Many guests came up to me commenting on how much they loved them.

Why were you pleased?

I was pleased for many reasons. Our brand consultant, Nick Merchant, was a pleasure to work with. He was extremely helpful and was determined to make sure the beach balls were exactly what I had envisioned. We were in constant contact throughout the whole process. There was a very quick turnaround, and the beach balls arrived in time for out event. They looked amazing and it was so fun to see our logo spread out all over the party.

Are you hosting a summer event? Make it memorable and make it fun with promotional beach balls. Our Brand Consultants will help you select the right color, size and shape (they don’t have to be round!) for your promotion.

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