Custom Hats Make A Useful Gift For Student Athletes

In the frosty months of winter, track shorts and t-shirts won’t cut it for hard-working cross-country teams—they need custom hats to make those laps more bearable.

For our client, Mark Karwowski, head coach at Glenbard North High School in Carol Stream, Illinois, promotional hats weren’t just for keeping his team warm—they were also a special gift to reward athletes’ commitment to the sport and their hard work in raising funds for the program.

custom hats

The cross-country team sports their custom hats from ePromos.

“Being a cross-country sport, we don’t have a huge budget like football and baseball,” Karwowski says. “To give back to the kids, we like to raise money so we can build an income and make purchases for them.”

The cross-country team hit the ground running to raise funds, doing anything from selling frozen pizzas to jogging sponsored laps around the track at a lap-athon.

With the funds, Karwowski ordered custom beanies from ePromos that featured a trendy pom-pom top in the school’s colors. The athletes had no idea about the gifts.

“When the hats arrived, we went into a classroom with the team and chatted about what we had coming up. We talked about what hard work they were putting in physically and mentally, and that we wanted to give something back to them,” he says.

The team was surprised and excited to have new hats to wear during those cold runs outside. The custom hats also caught the attention of other students. “There are so many kids who want them,” says Karwowski. “Everybody’s asking about them.”

Even the coach is impressed. “I’ve worn the hat a number of times, and I never get cold—it’s just an awesome hat,” he says. “I love it to run in because it doesn’t retain moisture and it keeps me really warm. The style and how it feels are great.”

Promo know-how tip:

Promotional apparel is great for athletic promotions because they serve a double purpose: keeping athletes (and fans) warm and promoting team spirit. 

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