Custom Logo Apparel Turns Employees Into Brand Ambassadors

custom fleece

Your people are your company’s most valuable asset. You know this. But did you know that by giving them custom logo apparel, you’re not just showing your gratitude—you’re transforming them into brand ambassadors?

It’s true. Every time they don the garments – whether it be promo t shirts or custom hats – they’re advertising your business. Loyal employees showcasing your corporate name is always a good thing.

Our client, CloudLock, is the perfect example. This cloud-security company handed out a personalized fleece to all staffers around the globe. Employees in the U.S., U.K., France and Israel are now wearing the promotional apparel, getting CloudLock’s name spotted the world over.

“We chose the fleece so our employees can stay warm and represent CloudLock everywhere they go,” says CloudLock’s Eileen Ann. “We’re headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, so the fleece will be put to good use during the long, cold New England winters.”

Employees received the custom garments right before the holidays, so the team sported a team uniform look at the company bowling party and kick-off last month.

“Everybody was impressed by the fleece. The embroidery is perfect, and the fleece itself is warm and cozy,” Ann says. “The fleece truly makes us proud to be part of the CloudLock family. They look great on their own—but even better with us wearing them!”

Promo know-how tip:

Logos look the boldest when embroidered in a contrasting color. For a more subtle approach, opt for tone-on-tone embroidery. Our Brand Consultants can help you find the look that’s best for your custom logo apparel.

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