Custom Magnets Inspire Cozy Feelings To Sell Insurance

Did you ever think custom magnets could make you feel cared for and like everything was going to be alright? They totally can. Well, the message behind them can.

custom magnet

Our client, Alison Gordon, aka The Insurance Mom, mailed out magnets from ePromos to show that she’s always on her clients’ side and that she’d do everything to take care of their insurance worries.

The magnets from the California-based independent insurance broker were designed to look like a 1950s-era mom—spot-on perfect giveaways for her brand. She even included a recipe for her favorite chicken soup in the mailing, envisioning that recipients could post the magnet and recipe right on the fridge.

“Our logo and branding happen to be the cutest things ever to hit the insurance industry, and we thought kitchen magnets would be a lovely conversation piece,” says Brianne Glaser with The Insurance Mom. “The magnets were the perfect way to showcase The Insurance Mom’s character. People loved them!”

They no doubt make the insurance biz a little less intimidating. “The brand has become synonymous with heart-warming comfort—much like you would find in a bowl of Mom’s chicken soup,” Glaser says. “The magnets foster a sense of warmth and well-being.”

When choosing insurance, you want to know you’re in good hands. The Insurance Mom’s promo giveawayscustom magnets with a chicken soup customized postcard—brilliantly showcase her commitment to taking good care of her clients.

Now if only there was a way to send a hug with those promotional magnets.

Promo know-how tip:

Select custom magnets to fit your industry or company personality to best extend your brand. Our Brand Consultants can show you the many ways to be creative with promotional magnets.

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