Custom Mousepads Are Increasingly Effective In A Digital World

They’re not flashy or new, but custom mousepads are an incredibly relevant and effective way to promote your business. Many Americans spend 40+ hours a week online, according to Ipsos Media, which means you have a big opportunity to reach them where they are: at their computers.

By 2014, it’s estimated that 250 million people (that’s 77% of the population) will be online regularly, according to eMarketer.

custom mousepads

What does this mean for your marketing? You can get your brand seen—for hours at a time, every day—by using office promotional accessories.

Our client, AJK, LLC, a firm of certified public accountants, turned to imprinted mousepads to promote Adminitor, an integrated payroll, HR and time attendance service.

“We initially distributed them at a business expo to potential clients,” says AJK’s Angela Shin, “and we also gave them away to our current clients as appreciation and to potential clients as a gift. Mousepads are a great way to be seen in the business environment.”

Shin is spot on. If you want your message to stick around in the workplace, items like custom notebooks and mousepads are the way to go. That’s why AJK is giving out the custom mousepads at seminars, meetings and business expos. “Basically, anywhere we can introduce ourselves,” Shin says. “A gift always pleases a client.”

Promo know-how tip:

Add a little something extra to your promotional mousepads to ensure they take the top spot over other mousepads in the office. You can select one with an ergonomic wrist rest, built-in USB hub, or one that doubles as a picture frame or calendar.

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