Custom Mugs Promote Your Brand At Breakfast And Beyond

Custom mugs are as much a part of breakfast as the coffee itself – and everyone knows how critical coffee is in the morning. Fifty-four percent of Americans drink coffee every day, and 68% have a cup within an hour of waking up, according to Live Science.

For marketers, promotional mugs are just the way to give a jolt to brand recognition. They get your logo seen daily, and they integrate seamlessly into people’s routines. Time for breakfast? Time for coffee. It’s a natural fit.

Our client, Capital Pacific, a commercial real estate investment firm, turned to custom mugs for its client breakfast presentations.

When clients arrived bright and early to get the latest insight on the investment sales market, Capital Pacific greeted them with one of morning’s must-have promotional products: large ceramic mugs imprinted with its company logo.

“We wanted to give a practical gift to clients who attended, and mugs fit perfectly into the breakfast theme,” says Marianna Levyash, Marketing and Research Associate for Capital Pacific.

promotional mug

The mugs were placed at each table setting for breakfast, making them immediately useful as clients listened to the presentation. And, true to the nature of promotional products, the mugs were useful after the event, too. Clients could bring them home or to the office and fill up as needed – which is exactly what Levyash wants.

“The mugs worked well because it’s likely that our clients will use them at their office, keeping Capital Pacific’s brand in front of them regularly,” she says. “Some clients even requested additional mugs for their colleagues. Of course we were happy to oblige.”

Promotional mugs turned out to be the perfect choice for the firm, which Levyash says constantly strives to deliver a better experience for clients.

“We were presenting valuable market information at our breakfast presentations, and the mugs enhanced the value we delivered,” says Levyash. “It’s a crowded industry, so Capital Pacific strives constantly to remind our clients what makes us different. We invest in the latest technology to make sure the properties that we market are seen by the broadest pool of investors, and we put a lot of effort into our brand and marketing materials.”

For any business that wants to generate awareness and solidify its brand in the minds of customers, Levyash says you can’t go wrong with custom logo products. “Promotional products are helping us give our clients something tangible – something that they will use and remember Capital Pacific for,” she says.

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