Custom Products Promote A Safer Community

When a community is plagued with a crime outbreak, custom products can be a way to boost awareness and promote a safe environment.

Our client, Performance Bicycle, a cycling retailer, turned to promotional products from ePromos when it learned that Durham, North Carolina’s popular American Tobacco Trail had been on the news for physical attacks and other incidents.

custom products

The bike shop hit the trail with custom water bottles and promotional whistles as free giveaways. “Water bottles are our go-to freebie. Every cyclist needs them and it’s a great way to get our brand out in the market. The whistles were the wild-card in this scenario,” says Gene Carleton with Performance Bicycle.

promotional whistles

“The police department asked for our help in making the American Tobacco Trail a safer place and we felt like this was the best way we could affordably contribute. We needed a signaling device that could be carried easily by all trail users, whether they were walkers, runners, skaters, or cyclists. The safety whistle on the wrist band was the perfect choice. It was loud enough to be heard over 100 yards away and can be conveniently worn around the wrist,” he says.

Exercisers were pleasantly surprised to see a local shop on the trail handing giving away outdoor promotional items. “They were grateful that a local business would go to such lengths to help make their local community safer,” Carleton says. “In addition, the whistles made some trail users feel empowered enough to face their fears and begin using the trail again.”

Here’s a video of the custom products in action.

Promo know-how tip:

Safety custom products should always be easily accessible, whether they’re designed as a lanyard, wristband or keychain.

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