Custom T-Shirts Are A Must At Music Festivals

Custom t-shirts have long been part of the music scene, whether they’re sold to concert-goers in a jam-packed arena or fans in a much cozier venue. Say, a great coffee shop in Saint Joseph, Minnesota.

The place was The Local Blend, and the event was the Second Annual Weekend of Songs, a three-day music festival that attracted songwriters from across the country. ePromos was selected to create custom t-shirts, which proved to be a hit with fans.

custom tshirt

(From left): co-founder Dave Cofell, Nathan Richard Ness (winner of the Songwriters Challenge) and co-founder Adam Hammer

The festival, which included headlining acts as well as open mic events, was special because it celebrated not only the music, but the story behind it.

“As a songwriter, it was unique in that I got to talk about what I do rather than try to sell a few CDs,” explains Dave Cofell, co-founder of the festival. “Songwriters are often told to sit down and play, but we wanted to hear about the song. What was their inspiration? That’s what made it different.”

The festival offered something new this year: a Songwriters Challenge. Audience members brainstormed song topics and ideas, with the winning topic, interestingly enough, being Prince Harry. Songwriters who wished to participate in the challenge had 18 hours to write a song about the prince. The audience voted on the winner, who took home a golden ukulele, some gift cards, and of course, a custom t-shirt.

promotional tshirt

The custom apparel was the right choice, Cofell says, because they fit the budget and they allowed for participants to take home something memorable.

“Participant names were included on the shirt, so that made it a great commemorative piece,” Cofell says. “The shirts were for sale to help as a fundraiser, but we also gave some to the baristas who worked in the coffee shop.”

The custom t-shirts sold out almost immediately. Cofell credits their success to a great design. “The logo, which was a musical score being drawn by a pen, was designed by a comic book artist,” says Cofell. “Along with the performers’ names, we included the date and location. Everyone was really impressed.

“And, it’s really cool when I see someone wearing my t-shirt,” he adds.

Promo know-how tip: Custom t-shirts and logo imprinted fleece jackets (if it’s cold out) are always a good choice for an event—whether a concert or a 5K—because people want to show that they were a part of it. Chances are, they’ll wear the shirt for years to come, gaining your event long-lasting exposure.

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