How Custom T-Shirts Can Have A Global Impact On Events

When a company has tens of thousands of employees in 100 countries around the world, custom t-shirts are a way to unite them. With everyone wearing apparel in company colors and featuring the company logo, it’s an incredibly powerful way to make team members feel connected to each other—wherever they are.

custom t-shirts

Nielsen associates wear custom t-shirts at a local school in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Take it from our client, Nielsen. This global provider of information and insights into consumer behavior needed a way to unify Nielsen associates for its Global Impact Day. The event, which brings together thousands of Nielsen employees and volunteers across the world, is a chance for Nielsen to make a difference in local communities, food pantries, parks, schools and more.

promotional t-shirts

Custom t-shirts on the move in NYC for Meals on Wheels.

Rowena Crabbe, senior manager, corporate social responsibility for Nielsen, came to ePromos seeking a way to create a high-quality, brand-consistent experience while making an impact on a global scale.

ePromos produced 30,000 t-shirts in six different regions of the globe and distributed them to 80 countries. By using our global partners and producing the shirts in strategic regions, we reduced production time, shipping costs and import fees. Nielsen was able to unify its associates and create a consistent image for its Global Impact Day as people all over the world wore the custom t-shirts while doing good.

Here’s how promotional apparel can have such a huge impact:

Recipients feel connected to the event when they wear promotional t-shirts.

“Promotional t-shirts were the right choice for this event for so many reasons. This was a global initiative, and we really wanted our associates around the world to feel connected to each other and know that associates were doing the exact same thing at the exact same time,” Crabbe says. “When associates saw pictures from around the world with people wearing the same shirts as they were, the feeling was indescribable.”

custom tees

Volunteers wearing custom t-shirts at the Greater Chicago Food Depository packed 33,000 pounds of food.

Custom t-shirts live on as a reminder of the event.

“We heard great feedback about the design and color of the shirts. We really wanted shirts that would stand out, but were simple and could be used for years to come,” says Crabbe.

Logo t-shirts help round out the experience of an event.

“The shirts were, in many ways, the linking piece around the globe. This was one of the few occasions where our associates around the world were able to connect,” Crabbe says. “For many associates, they felt the t-shirts helped complete the day.”

Promo know-how tip:

You can add your logo almost anywhere on custom t-shirts, but by making it the focal point on the front of the shirt, you’ll capture the most attention. Customize the back with a message for added impact. Or, order compressed t-shirts that can be given out in a neat compressed shape. 


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