Custom T-Shirts Help Roca Spread Awareness, Celebrate 25th Anniversary

Custom t-shirts: They’re comfy, classic, and they turn everyone who wears them into walking billboards for your brand. They’re also great commemorative items. Just look at your own collection of t-shirts – you probably have a few from concerts or 5Ks.

Promotional t-shirts are versatile and effective, which is why our client, Roca, used promotional t-shirts for its 25th anniversary last month.

custom t-shirts

The Chelsea, Massachusetts-based organization, which helps high-risk young people, wanted something that would gain exposure for Roca and that would mark the milestone anniversary.

Custom logo t-shirts were a the ideal promo apparel and fit pefectly.

At Roca’s anniversary breakfast, staff and participants received the shirts, helping them to immediately stand out in the sea of guests and donors in attendance.

“The t-shirts made them identifiable immersed in the crowd,” says Erin Clark, development associate for Roca. “It really created an interesting dynamic for people who haven’t experienced Roca to have conversations with participants and hear how Roca has changed them.”

promo t-shirts

These kinds of conversations are critical to the organization. Awareness is a constant challenge. Young people don’t seek out Roca—Roca initiates the relationships.

It’s Clark’s hope that with custom t-shirts out in the community, Roca will become a widely recognized name and that people will have a better understanding of how Roca can help.

The organization spreads its message with other promotional items, too, such as awareness bracelets. “We have rocks that feature different phrases: truth, trust, and transformation,” says Clark. “We also use promotional buttons that we ordered specifically for the 25th anniversary.”

Roca also has plans to use promotional products as donor gifts. Donors, Clark says, are big and small, ranging from individual donors and local businesses to the New England Patriots Foundation and the Boston Red Sox.

“We even have donors in California,” Clark says.

Roca is gaining momentum, and custom t-shirts are gaining Roca the visibility it needs to continue to thrive.

Promo know-how tip:

Customize more than the front of the t-shirts to have maximum impact. Call our Brand Consultants to discuss the best options for personalizing your custom t-shirts.


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