Custom Umbrellas Make Handy Business Gifts

Nobody likes to get caught in the rain—especially when you’re on a business trip with a limited amount of dry clothes. That’s why custom umbrellas make smart giveaways for business travelers. They’re useful, easy to tuck into luggage, and give professionals some peace of mind when they’re on the road.

custom umbrella

Our client, Hyatt Place, an upscale chain of business-class hotels, recently used promotional umbrellas as business gifts for hotel guests, employees and corporate clients.

The umbrellas were distributed during November and December, just in time for the holidays and the start of the winter season.

“It was raining the week we started gifting them, so not only did we receive positive feedback regarding timing, but also that the size is perfect and fit in travelers’ bags,” says Hyatt Place’s Lauryl Hernandez, CMP. “Our guests have been very pleased with them.”

Hernandez, too, was happy with the logo umbrellas and how they successful reflected the hotel’s brand. “I like that the Hyatt Place logo, which consists of eight colors, was not a problem, and the size of the logo is perfect. It’s visible, but not obnoxious,” she says.

Custom umbrellas were useful business gifts for Hyatt Place, and they can work for any company that wishes to promote its brand to travelers and others.

Promo know-how tip:

Think about your target audience when choosing custom umbrellas. Could they use a mini version for tucking in a purse or tote bag? Would a large golf umbrella be more suitable?  Our Promotions Specialists can find the perfect umbrella style for your next giveaway.

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