Custom Water Bottles Make Hyatt’s Housekeeping Staff Happy

Employees are an organization’s most important asset, and Hyatt Regency Atlanta recently showed it with custom water bottles. The luxury hotel wanted to recognize employees during International Housekeeping Week, an annual celebration of the professionals who maintain clean, safe and healthy environments for guests.

Hyatt worked with ePromos earlier this year for custom tote bags for housekeepers to carry their daily supplies, and the hotel turned to us again for a memorable gift.

promotional water bottles

“Our staff has a very physical and strenuous job, and their hard work can be overlooked at times,” explains Travis Brooks, assistant executive housekeeper. “A water bottle is a great gift for a couple of reasons: The water bottle is something that they can utilize each and every day to stay hydrated while at work, and it also serves as a reminder of Housekeeping Week when they were recognized for all of their hard work.”

Everyone was clamoring for these custom water bottles, which went to 150 employees, supervisors and managers.

“Employees who were off work when we originally gave out the water bottles and saw the other staff with them were mobbing me in the office to make sure they got one of their own,” Brooks says. “We also had other non-housekeeping staff at the hotel who saw the bottles asking if they could have one.”

Why were these water bottles so immensely popular? Because they were attractive, well-designed and useful.

Hyatt’s logo is crisp and sharp on the bottles, and the reason for the gift—International Housekeeping Week—is displayed prominently, always reminding recipients that they’re valued and appreciated.

A smart design also plays a role. These custom water bottles feature an ergonomic grip and a flip top, making it convenient for employees to use throughout the day without missing a beat.

“The ladies really like the color and logos—they came out great,” says Brooks. “They also said the bottle has a nice sturdy cap so it won’t spill or leak.”

Hyatt hit the mark exactly when it comes to showing employee appreciation, and Brooks says he couldn’t have been more pleased with the final outcome.

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