Give Out Custom Tumblers To Keep Your Brand Visible

Custom tumblers have long been a popular choice in the marketing world. They’re a way to tangibly promote your brand, and they get your logo seen—repeatedly.

custom tumblers

That’s why our client, Picerne Real Estate Group, a company that builds and manages luxury apartment properties, hands out logo tumblers as marketing gifts.

Its Rhode Island leasing consultants visit 10 local businesses each week, striving to build a relationship with community members.

What’s the perfect way to cap off these business meetings? Promotional tumblers.

“We use the tumblers to say thank you to the person we spoke with. It’s a great technique to exchange referrals and further business relationships,” says Picerne’s Kelly Norman. “The gift helps them remember us when someone is looking to rent an apartment, and it shows appreciation for potential referrals they may send our way.” It really is a great custom corporate gift that will help build your relationship with customers.

The leasing consultants enhance the tumblers by filling them with customized candy and attaching their business cards with a ribbon. Image is everything, and Picerne makes sure the gift presentation is polished.

“One of the reasons we picked the tumblers is because they can be used anywhere—at home, the office, the gym, or in the car,” she says. “Everyone has really enjoyed the tumblers, and we were extremely pleased with the end result.”

Promo know-how tip:

Extend your messaging by tucking logo pouches of candy, tea or lemonade inside your custom tumblers. Our Brand Consultants can offer up some creative options.

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