Give Practical Promotional Products, Get Your Logo Seen

Practicality matters when giving out promotional products. People will happily accept items that are useful or that simplify their lives in some way.

And when they reach for your promotional bag or sip from your custom coffee mug, for example, your brand benefits from the exposure.

Our client, the Yakima Union Gospel Mission (YUGM), a Yakima, Washington-based organization that has served the homeless community since 1936, is a prime example of how practical promotional products can be used.

promotional bagsThe rescue mission, which offers 10 different programs on three different campuses, amasses a huge amount of volunteer hours—9,000—each month.

“Our volunteers are how we’re able to care with compassion for the people that come across our property,” says YUGM’s Sara Holtzinger.

Holtzinger wanted to do something special for her team of volunteers, and she also wanted to get YUGM’s logo out in the community.

She contacted ePromos for the solution: custom drawstring bags that showcase YUGM’s logo as a bold imprint on the back.

“It’s a very practical way of carrying everyday things. You can bring it to work, to the grocery store, to the gym,” she says. “But it wasn’t just a gift. It was also a way to expand our branding in the community.”

Volunteers received the custom bags at an annual volunteer breakfast, and new volunteers continue to receive the bags.

“People are very appreciative,” Holtzinger says. “It’s not a plaque. It’s not thrown away or stuffed in a corner. It’s something they can use. The practicality is what makes it a success, and my success is measured by seeing people use the bags in all different places.”

Promo know-how tip:

Narrow down your target market to select the most practical promotional products for that audience. With thousands of options available, let our Brand Consultants offer their expertise.


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