Here, Have Some Promotional Products With Your Massage

You know that blissful feeling of euphoria after a great massage? Make sure people remember it by handing out promotional products.

That’s exactly what our client, Dr. Dot, does. Dot Stein, a.k.a. “Masseuse to the Stars,” has the hands behind the Dr. Dot massage dynasty. Her international massage and chiropractic team cares for touring artists, helping them relax and loosen up on the road.

custom keychain

Dot has rubbed down the likes of Aerosmith, Van Halen, Justin Timberlake and Eminem, among multitudes of other tensed-up musicians.

This all-star masseuse also happens to be a marketing maven. When Dr. Dot set up shop at the Tour Link Conference, a three-day networking event for the concert-touring industry, she came armed with promotional products: hundreds of custom flashlight keychains from ePromos.

The promotional keychains feature Dr. Dot’s logo and an LED light that’s bright and long-lasting—very long-lasting.

“One of my employees received a similar logo flashlight in a bag drop four years ago, and it just now broke. So it lasted four years,” she says. “She told me about ePromos and insisted we order them for our massage/chiro team.”

Four-hundred guests at the convention along with dozens of employees have received the keychains. “They’re a great color in a nice font. Overall, a good-quality pocket flashlight,” says Dr. Dot. “I love the keychains and will order more this year.”

Promo know-how tip:

Make your promotional keychains doubly functional by opting for one with a built-in flashlight, USB drive or tape measure. Our Promotions Specialists can find the perfect keychain for your business.

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