How To Be Strategic With Your Tradeshow Giveaways

How much thought do you give your tradeshow giveaways? When you’re an exhibitor, they’re a critical component of whether the tradeshow is a success or a flop. Attendees are busy, and if you want to stand out, you must have a strategy with your tradeshow items.

Take a look at what our client, Imagine Software, is doing at the SkyBridge Alternatives (SALT) Conference in Las Vegas this week.

The tradeshow, which is billed as the top event for the alternative investment industry, is a huge opportunity for Imagine Software to reach investors, asset allocators, managers and others in its target market.

Here’s how Imagine Software developed a strategy for its tradeshow giveaways – and how you ctraaan, too.

custom flashlightBe selective.

Don’t just go with the first promotional products that come to mind—gather your team and discuss. James Wells, marketing communication manager for Imagine Software, says it was a process. “I came up with several different price points and presented to my team,” he says. “We made our decision after looking at samples.”

Know who you’re targeting.

Different tradeshow giveaways appeal to different audiences. For Imagine Software, padfolios and flashlights were useful and compelling to investors and others at the SALT Conference.

Offer more than one tradeshow item.

If you only have one giveaway, it gets old. Fast. Keep things interesting and get your brand the extra exposure by handing out a variety of tradeshow giveaways. Consider offering items at different price points depending on the conversations you have.

promo padfolioGet the most mileage out of your giveaways.

Items such as padfolios are perfect for inserting printed collateral: press releases, white papers, sales sheets. Imagine Software has given away padfolios at two different events and inserted press releases and articles inside. “It’s worked out very well giving out a piece of content along with a promotional item,” says Wells.

Hand out tradeshow giveaways people actually want.

Wells understands the golden rule for tradeshow giveaways: Give out cool stuff. “You have to have something at the booth to draw people over,” he says. “We wanted something that would be useful and nice. Everybody needs a custom flashlights. It’s also a bit evocative of shedding light, which we liked.”

Find a promo products company you like.

Don’t put your tradeshow giveaways on the line—work with a promotional products provider that understands your business and can get you the high-quality goods you need. Imagine Software keeps coming back to ePromos for the products and the service. “Kristan [Bullard] is fantastic. She’s always in a terrific mood and willing to help—even with some of our more difficult requests,” Wells says.


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