Need A Gift For Golfers? Think Promotional Products.

Promotional products can spark some serious excitement among golf enthusiasts. From golf bags to golf balls, if they’re useful on the green, golfers are happy to receive them and put them to use.

custom golf toolThat’s why our client, the White Eagles Golf League, contacted ePromos for golf-related promotional products to give its members. The nonprofit league uses dues money for member gifts, and this year, it wanted to do something different.

“Our members were tired of receiving golf shirts or hats,” says Roger Pontbriand with the White Eagles Golf League. “Plus, buying golf shirts can get expensive and the league only has so much money at the end of the year.”

ePromos’ solution for a cost-effective, exciting golf gift? Pitchfix custom golf divot tools. The tools feature the league’s name and a detailed image of an eagle. “We had never seen an eagle with such great detail. Your graphic arts department was superb,” Pontbriand raves.

Members were pleasantly surprised to receive the promotional gifts during registration day. “They were flabbergasted that it was something other than a shirt, and they could not believe the quality of the tool itself,” says Pontbriand. “All in all, they were really excited to get a Pitchfix tool.”

Now members have a useful, unique gift for the game, and an item to commemorate their membership in the White Eagles Golf League. And, hey, if they change their minds on the golf shirts, they know where to find us.

Promo know-how tip:

Get your promotional products on the green by making them relevant for golfers. ePromos offers hundreds of golf-related items—let our Brand Consultants help you find the perfect golf gift.

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