Planning A Charity Event? Make It Better With Promotional Products.

People don’t participate in charity events for the promotional products, but the right promo items can sure enhance the event.

Here’s an example for you.

promotional itemsEvent organizers for the Charity Cup, a horse distance racing competition in Minnesota’s gorgeous Pillsbury State Forest, used promotional products to award the winners.

While riders are accustomed to receiving a ribbon for racing anywhere from 25-100 miles through winding trails and rolling hills, event organizers Darlene Molitor and Laurie Brown wanted to reward them with something a little more special.

ePromos stepped in with some attractive, well-designed promotional items that winners would be excited to receive: custom coolers and promotional towels.

There were 81 entrants for the Charity Cup, and those who placed first through sixth received promotional towels.

“Since award winners normally receive a ribbon that can end up collecting dust in a drawer, they loved the towels embroidered with the ride logo,” Brown says. “They are unique, useful and attractive, and they turn a simple golf towel into a keepsake.”

promotional products at charity events

Laurie Brown’s horse, Premo, shows support for the Charity Cup.

First-place winners received logo coolers. “They’re particularly suited to our needs given that they are collapsible and can be easily packed into a trailer and living quarters,” says Brown. “They are so sturdy that you can even make them into a makeshift chair. The screen printing on the cooler lid is very visible and eye-catching.”

The event generated more than $3,000 for Minnesota’s Coborn Cancer Center, which provides services for cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and research.

Brown and Molitor are thrilled with the promotional giveaways and the overall success of the Charity Cup. They give special credit to ePromos’ Minnesota Sales Manager, Cydney Reuter.

“Her love for animals and her helpful, generous nature have been so appreciated,” Brown says. “She donated time, money and talents to this wonderful cause.”

Promo know-how tip:

Whatever charity event you’re planning, think about using promotional products as thank-you gifts or special recognition. They’re a great way to leave a positive impression about the event and provide participants with a commemorative keepsake.

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