How Promo Pens Can Do Wonders For Building Your Brand

We can’t say enough great things about promo pens. They’re perpetually useful, and they fit as easily into a marketing campaign as they do into a portfolio or purse.

When it comes to promoting your brand, custom pens get it done each time they get picked up. Even in a digital age, people will always have a need for pens. Whether you hand them out at tradeshows, put them up for grabs in conference rooms or reception areas, or present them as gifts, pens are well-received marketing tools that put your logo right at your audience’s fingertips.

Plus, people appreciate pens and take note of the companies that give them out. A study released by Promotional Products Association International reveals that 73% of people carry a pen with them at all times, and two-thirds can recall the name of the advertiser that gave them a promotional pen within the last year.

Pens may be slim and small, but they’re powerful when it comes to promoting your brand.

Want an example of how companies are putting pens to work for their brand? Check out this Q&A with our client, Craig Bates, Marketing Manager for VERICOM Global Solutions, a global manufacturer of cables and communications solutions.

custom pen

What was your objective with the promo pens?

VERICOM was a sponsor of a luncheon for a particular industry, and as the sponsor, we wanted to go above and beyond the normal types of items that were given out. I worked with my outstanding representatives at ePromos (Nikki Villarreal and Ashley Bruemmer) to create a memorable item that the attendees would like to keep for a long time.

Who was your target audience?

Representatives of this industry who were invited to the event. These were people in senior management level positions who likely have seen a wide variety of promotional items, so it was important for us to offer a unique, interesting item.

Approximately how many were given?

Roughly 75 pens were given.

How were they distributed to recipients?

They were left on the table at each place setting for the individual recipients, with the boxes that were offered giving an additional touch of elegance to the items.

Why did you ultimately decide on these pens?

As the head of marketing for our company, I was looking for an item that would not be too over the top, while also offering functionality and a great design that could be used over and over by those who received them. With the unique look, weight of the pen and ability to customize the pen with a laser engraved logo, it was the perfect item for us.

What were the results?

Feedback was outstanding. The individuals who received the pen remarked how they had never really seen an item quite like it, complimenting the writing ability, the weight and feel of the pen, and that they were impressed with the overall design and quality. The person who did the introductions of the sponsors and speakers at the event made sure to thank our company directly for the pen, bringing additional recognition to our sponsorship and remarking that VERICOM was a company that did things very well.

Overall, why were you pleased?

I was pleased with the overall quality of the pen, the quality of the workmanship and attention to detail, as well as our contacts at ePromos – Nikki and Ashley – who go out of their way to deliver outstanding customer service, regardless of the size and cost of our order. The biggest challenge at an event like this is to be able to offer something unique and different as a sponsor and with these pens, we were able to do exactly what I wanted to do – deliver a product that was remembered, appreciated and will be used by the people who received it.

How are promotional items helping to build your brand?

As a marketing person, I am always leveraging our brand to tell people the story of VERICOM. I have used products from to promote our brand, be it through small promotional items to headphones with our logo that I wear on business trips to even having a company logo on my vehicle. I have been using one of these pens everywhere I go, and I am often asked about the pen, which gives me an opportunity to talk about our brand, what we do and the products that we bring to market. It is a great conversation starter and I often let people try the pen to see what it is like and to use it as a way to start a dialogue about VERICOM.

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