Promotional Highlighters: A Must For Your Next Conference

Are you hosting a conference? Make promotional highlighters part of the agenda. They make it all the easier for attendees to accomplish their objective for the event: to learn something.

From keynote sessions to lunch presentations, recipients are bombarded with a barrage of information. Custom highlighters are just the way to help them focus on the important points. With a swipe of bright yellow or electric blue across the page, they can quickly zone in on the big takeaways.

From a marketing standpoint, promotional highlighters are as brilliant as the colors they leave on a page. Every time recipients pull out a highlighter to get down to business, your business gets the exposure.

For our client, the Kansas PowerSchool Users Group, the official users group organization for PowerSchool school districts in Kansas, custom highlighters just made good sense.

promotional highlighter

The group was coming together for its annual training conference. “We get together and talk about how to use PowerSchool and any issues we’re facing,” says Michael Pietrzak with the users group.

As attendees arrived at the conference, they received registration packets with the promotional highlighters tucked inside. Pietrzak selected double-sided highlighters and customized them with the users group name and logo.

“Everybody liked that the highlighters had two different colors,” he says. “Having a color on both ends was helpful.”

Pietrzak liked the cost and usefulness of the highlighters, and he intends to use them throughout the school year to promote the group. “Board members meet every other month, and the users group has a fall conference and spring conference,” he says. “We made sure we ordered enough to give away at future meetings.”

Pietrzak is smart to be prepared with promotional products. When people come together to share ideas and learn something new, custom highlighters are functional, appreciated giveaways.

Promo know-how tip:

Fit your promo highlighters to your conference attendees. For example, medical-themed highlighters are perfect for an audience of healthcare professionals. Allow our Brand Consultants to help you select the right promos for your next event.

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