Promotional Items Can Boost Your Company’s Name Recognition

Promotional items are highly effective when it comes to generating awareness about your company. When you give your customers branded products, you’re solidifying your company name in their minds. They get repeated exposure to your logo and message, and you’re instantly set apart from the competition.

It’s important, however, to choose promotional items that promote your company in a memorable way. You want recipients to use your logo products and talk about them—not fling them into the trash.

promotional items

We helped our client, Bennett Williams Realty, Inc., boost name recognition with promotional items designed to pique the audience’s interest: packs of promotional gum and custom screen cleaners.

The promotional items are useful and different from what you’d typically receive from a real estate firm. That’s why they worked.

Brad Rohrbaugh, a partner at the Pennsylvania-based real estate agency, needed a way to create an identity for his company. “We were no longer associated with the Coldwell Banker commercial franchise, and now that we’re back to Bennett Williams Realty, Inc., we were looking for something small and fun to hand out or mail to our clients,” he says.

The promotional gum and screen cleaners, which were also given out as convention promo giveaways, were a way to promote the company’s name and get something truly useful into customers’ hands.

Rohrbaugh is pleased with the promotional items and how they’re working for his agency. “Those who have received the promotional items have been very impressed. Graphics were very professionally done and exceeded our expectations,” he says. “We found out very quickly that promo items are conversation starters.”

Get people talking about your brand by giving out functional, interesting promotional items.

Promo know-how tip: When you give your customers promotional items that are great for sharing (think promotional gum or mints), you’re upping the chances of more people seeing your logo and message.

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