Promotional Pencils: A Practical Giveaway For Everyone In The Office

No need to buy plain jane No. 2’s for the office – provide your team with promotional pencils instead. They’re useful on the job, and they can actually help create a sense of camaraderie in the workplace.

Our client, Jarvis Cutting Tools, a manufacturer of application-specific taps, drills and rotary files, is happy it made the switch to promo pencils.

“They’re good for morale, marketing and across-the-board use,” says Jarvis’ Kellie Loporcaro.

promotional pencils

The pencils were handed out to everyone on the team: marketing, machine operators, office staff and all senior management. They’re mainly used internally, but Loporcaro says they’re also great giveaways at industry tradeshows.

The pencils look crisp and professional in white with a black and red imprint. Everyone who picks one up is reminded of Jarvis’ commitment to making the “world’s best products” with “teamwork, innovative design, continuous improvement and quality craftsmanship.” These phrases are printed on the pencils.

Jarvis, which is family-owned and based in the United States since 1901, also counts on the pencils to help employees do their best work.

“We have documents that are scanned and cannot read the color red, so all red ink promotional pens andpencils were confiscated,” Loporcaro says. “These pencils scan well, and they’re used more often than store-bought – which we stopped purchasing.”

If you’re looking for a way to make your brand hands-on and to provide something useful for staff members, promotional pencils are the way to go.

Promo know-how tip:

Erasers, pen cups, and novelty pens customized with your logo are perfect complements to the pencils. Talk to our Brand Consultants for ways your business can put custom pencils to work. 

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