Promotional Products Get Your Brand Seen At Tradeshows

Promotional products are a must at tradeshows. They help exhibitors stand out from other vendors, which is often the difference between success and failure at the event. With so much invested in the show, exhibitors simply can’t go unnoticed. They need to have the best tradeshow giveaways to impress the crowd.

That’s why promotional products are so important.

Our client, Veeam, a company that provides innovative systems management software, understands the value in using promotional products to rise above the noise and commotion of the tradeshow floor.

Before it exhibited at VMworld, a global conference for virtualization and cloud computing, it turned to ePromos for promotional ideas. We delivered a variety of custom products that drove traffic, generated buzz, and got Veeam’s brand spotted all over the tradeshow.

One of its giveaways was even named the best giveaway at VMworld. (Now, that’s what we’re talking about.)

Want to know why Veeam’s promotional products were so incredibly effective? We can pinpoint three main reasons.

custom dancing robot

1. The promotional products were varied—and exciting.
We recommended for Veeam an intriguing assortment of giveaways that were both useful and appealing: custom t-shirts, promo tote bags, USB flash drives and printed lanyards, dancing robots complete with a martini glass and shaker, and energy shots. If you saw those giveaways at a tradeshow booth, you’d stop in right? This mix of promotional giveaways had something for everyone.

“The flash drives were very talked about since we had software on them, and we went through them completely,” says Veeam’s Megan Mescher. “People really enjoyed the bags since there is so much swag. We were the only ones with an adjustable strap on the bags. Also, by choosing green shirts, attendees who wore them were walking advertisements.”

Perhaps Veeam’s most coveted giveaway was the dancing robot. reported: “The best giveaway at VMworld – or at least the one that elicited the most smiles – was Veeam’s dancing, drink-mixing robot.”

“The robot was adored by people just looking for a fun tchotchke,” Mescher says.

custom bags

2. The promotional products tied into the brand.
Veeam is green—it’s how customers know the brand and find the brand. Green is part of its corporate identity, so it was important to carry this into the promotional products. “All the promo items nicely matched our branding—everything was very seamless,” says Mescher. “The show was successful for Veeam and everything came together seamlessly in regard to our giveaways complementing our look/brand and helping convey the fun image that Veeam has in the virtualization community. I have high expectations, and ePromos always delivers great merchandise for Veeam.”

custom tshirts

3. The promotional products weren’t just set out at the booth—they were used to actively engage attendees.
It’s a huge promo no-no (and a huge missed opportunity) to simply scatter your promotional giveaways at the booth and hope people grab them. Veeam gets how to use promotional products to interact with attendees. “We did a promotion through the vendor to serve bacon and beer one night. We used branded cocktail napkins, light-up ice cubes and branded water bottles,” Mescher says. Veeam interacted with attendees in an appealing way while still promoting its brand.

Using promotional products to get noticed at a tradeshow means big exposure and big bucks for your brand. Talk to ePromos—we’ll put our promo expertise to work to make sure your next tradeshow is a standout success.

Promo know-how tip: If you want your tradeshow giveaways to stick around for the long haul, give attendees something of value. If it’s useful or entertaining, they’re more likely to keep it, thus earning your logo continued exposure.

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