The Eternal Search For The Non-Scratchy Promotional Pen

[Editor’s Note: This post is written by ePromos customer Katharine Thoresen of oaSES Online, a software provider for tutoring companies.]

I consider myself a normal person by and large. Nothing in my childhood points to a “bad pen experience.” I was never stabbed by a cheap pen, never drawn on with a free pen, never had my house burgled by a marauding group of savage nasty pens, but yet I am left with a deep loathing of scratchy pens.

You know the ones. The balls don’t glide across the page like Michelle Kwan executing a perfect triple Sal chow. They catch and scratch, and sometimes you can even hear them marching through the pressed wood pulp that is my crisp notebook page. With a final spit in my eye, they will even leave a great ink blob at the end of my scratchy sentence.

I associate this kind of pen with cheap hotels. You grab the hotel logo pen in your dash from the room, all pleased with yourself that you remembered it, yet within an hour it is destined for the nearest trash can. This kind of fussy, OCD behavior has led me to spend rather a lot on pens in the past.

promotional pens

So imagine my horror when I was tasked with ordering promotional pens for a tradeshow. I did not want my customers associating oaSES Online or The Tutor Report with cheap hotels, yet I knew my budget would be this side of generous. I did not want this task at all; I wanted someone else to get it and order nasty pens so I could continue my hate rant about said nasty pens.

Nevertheless, I set out on my mission to find a good quality, non-scratchy, non-blobby pen and decided to start with ePromos. “Why?” I hear you ask. Well the answer is simple. I had already been on ePromos’ site every month for the last year, using their great annual list of events, campaigns and nationally recognized days to help me write my monthly promotional post on The Tutor Report, so it just seemed like the first place to look.

I received my sample test pen in good time, preached needlessly to the big boss about the virtues of a good pen because it was really very affordable, and placed my order with my newly appointed rep, Clinton, for hundreds of logo pens. The artwork process was streamlined and simple, and they arrived on time.

And in case you are wondering, yes … I am very happy with my non-scratchy, non-blobby, easy-to-hold fabulous pens. And, more to the point, so are my customers and prospects.

Katharine Thoresen is Operations Manager for oaSES Online, a software provider for tutoring companies, and is blog master for the online tutoring magazine The Tutor Report. She is a self-professed connoisseur of pens.


Promo Tip: Combine logo pens with a custom sticky notes to provide the ultimate “jot that down” promotion.

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