The Most Smile-Inducing Custom Sticky Notes You’ll Ever See

The Iwasaki Library staff at Emerson College, a private, co-ed learning institution in the heart of Boston, is using custom sticky notes to brand the library in a positive way.

These aren’t your standard-issue sticky notes – these have a happy face die-cut on the cover. You can’t help but smile when you look at these little custom memo packs. They’re certainly a bright spot in the middle of a long study session.

custom sticky notes

Recipients can flip them open to reveal a self-adhesive notepad and five vibrant, self-adhesive flags. A custom sticker on the back highlights important campus information.

They’re useful promotional tools for students and faculty alike, which is why Cate Hirshbiel, Reference & Outreach Librarian, continues to order them from ePromos.

“We ordered the same item last year, and it’s been very well-received,” she says. “Someone even tweeted ‘Best library ever. #postitnotes.’”

When you get a shout-out for your promotional giveaways in social media, you know you’re doing something right.

The custom sticky notes were placed in candy-filled bags and distributed to new faculty at a library orientation and to grad students at a lunch. The remaining packs, placed in jars at the registration desk, were up for grabs by all.

Hirshbiel says the promo sticky note packs are the perfect combination of functionality and fun.

“They’re more interesting than just a pen or a notepad, and they’re portable,” she says. “The smiley face is adorable, and it just makes people smile. We want them to associate that positive thinking with the library.”

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