Two Great Uses For Custom Tote Bags

Custom tote bags are promotional items that get your message a ton of mileage. They have a huge imprint space, and they get thousands of impressions – almost 9,000 for the average bag.

Our client, Flute Pro Shop, a Delaware-based, full-service flute specialty shop, is successfully using custom tote bags in two ways:

  1. Tradeshow giveaways
  2. Shopping bags

The shop fills the bags with a custom pen and a CD featuring the owner of the boutique, flutist Joan Sparks, and hands them out at tradeshows throughout the year. More than 1,000 custom tote bags have been given to flutists from around the globe, getting Flute Pro Shop worldwide exposure.

custom bag

“The bags are a great way of promoting our business,” says Kristen Lober, Marketing Manager. “They are something that both we and our customers can get great use out of, and they look fabulous.”

The shop also uses the promo tote bags in place of disposable bags for customers. “We give them to customers who come into the shop to purchase a flute or get repairs done by our repair specialist,” she says. “Everyone loves them. They are particularly fond of the metallic gold that’s incorporated into our logo.”

Flute Pro Shop is smart to use the bags for what they’re designed to do – hold stuff. Rather than hand out empty tote bags at conventions, the shop includes some nice extras inside. Everybody can use a new pen, and the CD humanizes the Flute Pro Shop brand. Recipients can enjoy harmonies right from the shop’s owner.

We also love how the shop uses the bags as shopping bags. There’s a huge difference between receiving a brand-new or just-repaired flute in a custom tote bag instead of a disposable bag. It instantly elevates the experience. The bags have a substantial, elegant feel to them – they’re worthy of toting home a shiny, silver flute.

The biggest benefit, though, is that recipients now have a bag they can use over and over. Flutists can use them for any number of things, and because the website is imprinted along with the logo, people know exactly where to find the shop. The bags are a useful gift for recipients and an excellent marketing tool for Flute Pro Shop.

Want to know more about marketing with custom bags? Check out our Slideshare on promotional tote bags.

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