Use Promo Products To Boost The Fun Of Employee Training

“Fun” isn’t typically the first word that comes to mind with employee training, but promo products can change that. By bringing in unexpected gifts, you’re setting the stage for a good time. Employees open up to enjoying the experience, which enhances their learning. Plus, they get a great company-branded takeaway from the event. Everybody wins.

Take it from our client, Foulkeways. The continuing care retirement community in Gwynedd, Pennsylvania, wanted to ramp up the fun of its mandatory employee training.

custom lunch bagePromos worked with Robbie Vetter, Director of Risk Management and Training, to find a great promotional gift for about 235 employees.

“Each year we have mandatory training days, and we always have a gift for them to take away,” Vetter says. “This year’s theme was a ‘Dude Ranch Adventure.’”

What’s a fun, useful gift for every wrangler on the ranch? Saddlebags (aka custom lunch bags).

“We told them the lunch coolers were saddlebags for their rides on the range,” says Vetter, “and that they could carry a six-pack in them. Root beer of course!”

These promo products were a perfect fit for the theme and just the way to engage employees during training. Vetter reports that the staff appreciated them and that they’re spotted all over campus.

From a business standpoint, Vetter couldn’t be happier. “ePromos worked with me on competitive pricing, and the product was well-made for the price.”

If you’re planning some employee training, take a cue from Foulkeways: Make it fun by creatively using promo products.

Promo know-how tip:

Make your custom products memorable by fitting them into the theme of your employee training. Or, you can’t go wrong with items employees can use around the workplace. Let our Brand Consultants talk ideas with you.

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