Use Promotional Tumblers To Bring Fun To The Workplace

promotional tumblerWe love it when promotional tumblers are used in fun, creative ways. You don’t have to hand them out empty—you can fill them with a cool extra. Think candy, drink packets or even a rolled-up t-shirt.

Our client, IBBS, chose to fill its promo straw cups with candy and give them as employee gifts. The company, which provides data, voice and technical services to broadband providers, has a Fun Committee that celebrates a Department of the Month. Each team member in the department is spotlighted with a bio and awarded a candy-filled promotional tumbler.

We must say: IBBS’s Fun Committee is certainly doing its job. This promo giveaway screams fun, from the colorful curly straw to the candy inside.

“They’ve been a hit,” says Cathy Huang with IBBS. “People who have received them love them, and the ones who haven’t received them ask about them: how to get one and when their department will come up as the Department of the Month.”

Here at ePromos, we’re doing something similar. Employees received candy-filled custom tumblers in celebration of ePromos’ 15th anniversary this month. They’re fun and a great way to commemorate the occasion.

If you’re looking to boost the fun factor in your office, try promotional tumblers. And remember to fill them with something exciting.

Promo know-how tip:

Add your logo to one side of the promotional tumbler and a message on the other to mark an event or celebration. Our Brand Consultants can discuss the best imprint options for your promotional items.

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