Why Custom Bags Are Perfect For Retreats

It’s summer, which means retreats of all kinds are in full swing. Custom bags should be part of the experience, whether it’s a yoga, couples, wilderness, or a whole different kind of retreat. They’re perpetually useful and appreciated gifts, and where there’s a group of people gathering for an event, there’s a promo bag to fit.

custom bagTake our client, Zion Pentecostal Church of Christ, for example. It recently hosted a women’s retreat and gave out custom boat totes to delegates at registration.

“We put in various items: program booklets, emery boards, mints, small fans, bookmarks and pens,” says Darlene Brantley, who serves as Director of the Women’s Ministry. “We received very positive feedback. The ladies carry them for various reasons.”

If your organization has a retreat on the horizon, use custom bags to enhance the experience for attendees. Here are three reasons to include them at your event:

1. They’re functional.

Recipients can use them during the retreat, and they’re also useful after the event – especially drawstring bags which are very popular. Plus, you can pack a whole lot of other promo items inside the bags, as Brantley did for her women’s retreat. Do you have specific items attendees will need for the event – water bottles, sunscreen, towels? Place them inside the bag for a handy gift when people arrive.

2. They’re keepsakes after the event.

Give attendees something tangible to take away, and they’ll be reminded of the retreat every time they use it. Don’t send them home empty-handed – provide them with a memento that they can look back on fondly. If yours is a recurring retreat, be sure to provide custom bags in different styles so attendees get something new every year.

3. They’re a way to show appreciation.

Kids get favors at birthday parties. Guests get favors at wedding receptions. Shouldn’t people who attend your retreat get a little something? Promotional bags are a great token of gratitude. They show that you value the time and investment attendees made to participate in the retreat.

Make your retreat memorable and provide a useful takeaway for attendees – give out custom logo bags. From totes and drawstring bags to duffels and backpacks, there’s a world of options to put something functional and fashionable in attendees’ hands.

Promo know-how tip:

Consider the setting of the retreat when choosing promotional bags. Is it a corporate retreat? Look to customized laptop bags or lunch bags that attendees can bring back to the workplace. Is it an outdoor retreat? Backpacks or sling bags are more functional.


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