Why Promotional Products Are A Must At Job Fairs

Is your company participating in a career fair? Pack some promotional products with your business cards and name badges – they’re essential for maximizing the job fair experience.

Promo items set your company apart from other employers, and they also entice job seekers to stop by and chat with recruiters. They’re just the way to cut through the noise and activity of the fair and get potential candidates right where you want them – at your booth for a conversation.

Plus, by handing out promotional items, you’re putting tangible products with your company logo right into job seekers’ hands. These are items they can remember you by – not a brochure or flyer that they’ll wad up and toss in the trash.

If you want to discover the best and brightest candidates, they have to know about your company. Promotional products get your name out in the crowd of job seekers and make your company known.

Help Them Remember Your Business

You can’t go wrong with tried-and-true promo items for job fairs – think promotional pens, mints or candy – but you can make a bigger impact by selecting giveaways that relate to your business in some way.

custom screen cleaner

ePromos’ client, Velir, a content-driven digital agency based in Somerville, Massachusetts, selected custom screen cleaners with a built-in stylus to give away at career fairs. Because Velir is a tech company, tech-related giveaways were a perfect fit.

“We wanted a unique item that represented what we do and set us apart from other employers at the fair,” says Velir’s Andrea Gillespie.

Rather than scattering the promos on a tabletop and letting students swipe them as they pass by, Gillespie makes them a talking point.

“We promoted this item to students, letting them know it easily fits into backpacks or pocketbooks,” she says. “We also told them that when they use it, to remember Velir and check out our site for updates on our career page. We’d then point to our name on the screen wipe.”

Use Promo Items To Start A Conversation

Velir is smart to go the extra mile with its promotional products. The company isn’t just handing out freebies and collecting resumes – it’s creating a dialogue with prospective employees.

“There was a lot of curiosity on what they were, and once students found out,” says Gillespie, “they thought they were cool. I was told by a number of students that this was the most useful giveaway they received at the fair.”

It shouldn’t just be the job seekers concerned about making a great impression – employers should arrive at career fairs ready to represent their companies in the best possible way.

Think about why your company is at the job fair in the first place. Promotional products help you accomplish what you set out to achieve – to attract fresh talent and make your company known to job seekers.

What promotional items do you use in your recruiting efforts?

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