AquaSkins™: The Next-Generation Promotional Water Bottle

After years of research and careful planning, I’m happy to introduce to you the first product ever to be designed and manufactured exclusively by ePromos – the original AquaSkin™!

The AquaSkin™ was born when we realized that nobody seemed interested in improving the traditional design of the popular promotional water bottle. Being a company that prides itself on setting trends just as much as we keep up them, we decided to take matters into our own hands.

The final result of our efforts is a smarter next-generation water bottle that simply makes sense! In addition to a long list of features that anybody can appreciate (eco-friendly, foldable, freezable, BPA-free, rugged, and dishwaser-safe, to name a few), AquaSkins™ are fully customizable and poised to add plenty of spark to your promotional projects.

We hope you enjoy it and welcome your feedback!

custom imprinted aquaskin

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