Plastic Bag Ban Goes Into Effect in Parts of L.A. County

It’s official – parts of L.A. county have joined other California communities in banning stores from providing single-use plastic bags.

The measure was passed by a vote of 3-1 last Tuesday by county supervisors citing ridiculous pollution of neighborhoods and waterways. Discarded plastic bags make up almost 25% of the litter the county cleans up!

Not only does this latest ban prevent stores from giving customers single-use plastic bags, it also goes a step further and requires shops to charge a 10 cent fee for each paper bag. Small plastic bags to keep fruit, vegetables or raw meat separate from other groceries will not be affected by the new law.

As I’ve mentioned previously, plastic bag bans create a tremendous promotional opportunity. Local businesses in L.A. county should be paying attention!

Now that customers don’t have access to plastic bags (and reduced access to paper) – tote bags have always been popular, but due to this news, reusable tote bags have become an overnight necessity. Your business can fill an important need by providing promotional grocery bags to your customers, prospects, and even employees. Not only will recipients appreciate the practical gifts, but these imprinted totes will also help create some marketing exposure for your brand whenever and wherever they are put to use.

custom grocery tote bag

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