Shopping Totes Take Over In DC

A 5-cent tax on plastic bags in the nation’s capital is starting to show some very promising results. In the first official assessment of how the new law is working, the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue estimates that only 3.3 million plastic bags were distributed to consumers in January. This number seems high, but it actually signals a significant decrease. Prior to the bag tax, city officials estimated 22.5 million bags were being issued per month in 2009!

In addition to the nearly seven-fold decrease in plastic bags, the tax also raised almost $150,000 in funds that will go towards cleaning up the city’s polluted Anacostia River.

dc-plastic-bag-tax-grocery tote

It’s really great to see people turning towards reusable alternatives such as grocery tote bags in Washington D.C. These bags provide the same convenience as plastic bags, with a lot less pollution and environmental impact. As cash-strapped cities look for new ways to raise money, you can bet that plastic bag taxes are going to be one of the first measures enacted. Now is a great time for stores to stock up on custom tote bags that can be given or sold to consumers.

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