WWF: Australian Earth Hour Plant Promotion

This eco-friendly promotion delivers more than a feel-good message for the Earth Hour campaign – it actually delivers nutrients to plants and demonstrates biodegradability first hand! The World Wildlife Fund had these custom plant spikes made for a guerrilla marketing campaign targeting corporate offices. Working with companies hired to care for office plants, the WWF arranged for the spikes to be placed in potted plants while caretakers were doing routine watering. This is a great eco-friendly office promo product.

Each spike has information about WWF’s upcoming Earth Hour campaign and a Web site where participants can learn how to get involved. To make the promotion truly eco-friendly, the marketing agency developed vegetable inks infused with plant fertilizer. As the plant spike naturally biodegrades, the potted plant host receives a healthy dose of nutrients.

wwf-plant-spike-earth-hour promotion

We encourage companies to give away eco-friendly gifts rather than ones that may end up in a landfill.

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