ePromos Donates Custom T-Shirts To New York Says Thank You Foundation

We think it’s great using promotional products for good. ePromos recently had the experience of working with New York Says Thank You Foundation (NYSTY), a 100% volunteer-based organization that rebuilds communities after a disaster.

When we learned the nonprofit was right in our backyard rebuilding 200 homes of firefighters, police offers and first responders after Superstorm Sandy, we jumped in with what we do best: promotional items.

ePromos donated 200 custom t-shirts in two versions—navy shirts for team leaders and grey shirts for volunteers.

Our CEO, Jason Robbins, had this to say: “We’re thrilled to provide t-shirts for New York Says Thank You Foundation. As a New York-based company, we felt compelled to assist in Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. It’s our hope that the t-shirts will raise awareness (similar to awareness bracelets) about the organization and keep volunteers visible as they work to help those in need, as they have helped so many others.”

We know how impactful promotional apparel can be, and we wanted to find out first-hand how they benefitted NYSTY. Here’s what Mia Toschi, Co-Project Director, had to say about our donation.

The custom t-shirts brought people together.

“We like to have our teams in uniforms because many of the folks don’t know each other. The shirts helped identify our group, and they’re also great keepsakes. They pay homage to our donors, and they’re something the volunteers can hold on to forever.”

They created a mindset of teamwork.

“Just like a sports team, we are a team. We need every single player. As soon as you put on that t-shirt, you immediately warm up to each other because you know you’re there to do something good for somebody.”

They provide a lasting memory of the experience.

“We so appreciate the t-shirts as a way to give something memorable to the volunteers who give so much. They travel sometimes hundreds of miles, and when they get here, they do a lot of dirty work. When they leave, they’ll always have the memory in that shirt. To see people really become a team is absolutely one of the most rewarding things in the world. We’d love for anybody to put on a shirt and come join us.”


promotional t-shirt

ePromos donated 200 promotional t-shirts for team leaders and volunteers.


custom t-shirts

Volunteers pause for a quick photo.


custom logo t-shirts

Team leaders and volunteers assess the job site.


new york says thank you

NYSTY is on a mission to rebuild 200 homes of firefighters, police officers and first responders in five boroughs.


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