ePromos Has A Face … And It’s Awesome

(This is a guest post from Hope Binegar, ePromos’ Senior Supplier Relations Manager.)

In my 16 years in the promotional products industry, I have worked for all different types of companies. One was a very large traditional distributor, another was a very large not-so-traditional distributor, another was a mom and pop, and I’ve even worked for a well-known supplier.

I treasure my time at each of these companies. The knowledge I gained at each helped me become the professional I am now: Senior Supplier Relations Manager at ePromos, an online distributor.

Am I proud of my title? No. Trust me, I don’t take myself too seriously. What I am proud to say is, “My name is Hope Binegar and I work for an online promotional products company!”

You are probably chuckling at this point. Why would I need to make such a declaration?

Social media has made it easier to see people’s opinions on the promo industry, and online companies always get clobbered. I just read a story about an industry professional tracking down a package for a customer. It ends with all caps … “AND THIS IS WHY WE’RE BETTER THAN A FACELESS PROMO WEBSITE.”

Whoa. I have to tell you that we are a great company that’s far from faceless. We have a team that loves and cares for its customers just as much as a traditional distributor.

Our reps go to the mat for our clients. Consider these examples: Getting a $25,000 order sent to nine locations on the same day, redirecting UPS deliveries to make in-hands dates, staying up late quoting and finding just the right items, resolving any quality issues (I had them as a traditional distributor as well as online.)

No, I promise you we are not faceless. We are ePromos, and we are not just a phenomenal company, we are a team of great Brand Consultants and promotional products experts who love our clients and fight for their needs.

ePromos St. Cloud team

They all make me very proud to be a part of the ePromos team.


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