It’s A Wrap: The Latest Prank At ePromos HQ

What do you do to a co-worker’s desk when he’s out of the office? Typically nothing. But what if said co-worker is gone for two weeks straight? Naturally, you grab a bunch of industrial packing wrap and encase his entire work space.

fun at ePromos

That was the fate of Jason Wallace’s (one of our account managers) desk when he was away for a two-week stint in California. He returned from palm trees and sandy shores to a desk swathed in cellophane.

Kathryn Wilson, the account manager who pulled off this sticky scheme, got some help from two colleagues: Mark McLane, account executive, and Marley Meersand, assistant account manager.

“The idea started when Marley and I thought we should do something to Jason since he had been gone for so long. We were asking people around the office to get ideas,” Wilson says. “Mark said this is something he had done before and it works really well. He was right! It was a fun little prank to pull on my former sales rep!”

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