A Look At Some Of ePromos’ Best-Loved Promotional Products

It’s Valentine’s Day, a day filled with cupids, candy, and of course, love. We couldn’t let the occasion pass without sharing a few of the promotional products that we adore. Read on to hear from some ePromos employees about the promo items that make them swoon.


custom imprinted cell phone handset

ePromos staffer: Leah Beack
Product: Retro custom imprinted cell phone handset
Why she loves it: “It reminds me of my youth!”








custom tervis tumbler

ePromos staffer: Susan Bendel-Bridson
Product: Clear promotional tumbler by Tervis
Why she loves it: “This is the perfect tumbler if you love your cold drinks really cold and your hot drinks really hot. I am a huge Tervis tumbler fan and don’t drink out of anything else!”










custom travel bag

ePromos staffer: Bonnie Florek
Product: Lamis promotional carry-on bag
Why she loves it: “I love to travel, and this bag is the perfect size and shape to take on the plane. It will easily fit under the seat or in the overhead bin – and red is my favorite color!”





custom conversation hearts

ePromos staffer: Lisa Goudreaux
Product: Custom packs filled with conversation hearts
Why she loves it: “By far my favorite – the classic conversation hearts. I just love them – so nostalgic!”








custom travel mug

ePromos staffer: Cyd Reuter
Product: Black chrome personalized travel mug
Why she loves it: “This is my favorite travel mug because it is big, stylish, and it is a little different in shape and color so it stands out. I love coffee, I love drinking my coffee on my commute to work, and I love doing that in a really stylish, yet functional travel mug. Give me a travel mug and I am your friend forever!”






infuser custom water bottle

ePromos staffer: Audrey Sellers
Product: Infuser custom water bottle
Why she loves it: “I love adding a burst of flavor to my water with fresh fruit or mint. And the skinny design is so cool.”









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