Meet The Pets Of ePromos

Pets give us loyalty, laughter and unconditional love, and like the 62% of Americans who own a pet, ePromos staffers are crazy about our animal companions. When we’re not talking promos, we’re hanging with these endearing creatures. For a dose of cuteness, we invite you to meet the pets of ePromos!

Hello Gump!

Pet: Gump
Owner: Geoff Adams
Geoff says: “Gump loves to swim. One day while we were fishing out on the lake, she swam next to the boat and followed us around for five hours straight with no break, just doggy paddling. Unbelievable.”









Hello Dakota!

Pet: Dakota
Owner: Melissa Braun
Melissa says: “On her first encounter of snow two years ago, she put her paw in the snow and quickly picked it up and walked through the snow like it was the grossest thing she had ever done. She also has a habit of not seeing the screen door and flying through it.”



Hello Monkeybear!

Pet: Monkeybear
Owner: Scott Brutger
Scott says: “I sometimes look at him and go, ‘Wow, you’re a cat,’ because he is like a dog. He follows me around everywhere, comes to his name and even fetches. I tie him up outside and even take him for walks around the neighborhood on a leash. He is crazy cool. He is at the house 24/7 so I think he actually thinks I just come and visit him once in a while. He sits atop a tall cat tree, and when he yawns, he meows at the exact same time as if roaring to say, ‘I am the lion king of this home.’”


Hello Archie!

Pet: Archie
Owner: Stephanie Cofell
Stephanie says: “Archie ‘calls’ us every morning to wake us up when he hears the alarm. He also calls to us when he wants fresh water. If my husband fills Archie’s water dish, right in front of him, it’s not good enough. He calls again until I fill it. Then, he’s content!”


Hello Mr. Piddles!

Pet: Mr. Piddles (Pids for short)
Owner: Omer Cohen
Omer says: “He loves to do tricks when treats are involved and loves the beach! He loves to run in the sand and bark as the sand gets kicked up.”










Hello Maverick!

Pet: Maverick
Owner: Nomi Doherty
Nomi says: “He spends most of his time judging people and finding them wanting. He likes to dig into our clean laundry for a fresh white tee so that he can pretend to be a ghost and haunt our other cat Goose!”





Hello Izzy!

Pet: Izzy
Owner: Alyssa Erickson
Alyssa says: “She is very playful, loves treats and loves hiding Busy Bones throughout the house.”





Hello Reeses!

Pet: Reeses
Owner: Erica Fallik
Erica says: “Reeses is my nephew – he belongs to my brother and sister in law. He’s practically mine because I see him all the time. I’m obsessed!”




Hello King!

Pet: King
Owner: Katye Geistfeld
Katye says: “He loves to snuggle and play with stuffed animals, but they don’t stay stuffed for very long! He once aspired to work at ePromos, and even picked out this tie for his interview. Sadly, he was disappointed to learn that ePromos doesn’t hire pups! Sorry, King!”








Hello Taters!

Pet: Taters
Owner: Jolene Grapentin
Jolene says: “He has been raised by our dogs, and ever since then, he has to eat when they eat, play with them (and only them,) sleep where they sleep, and he even follows them around the yard like a lost puppy. It’s so funny to watch two species that are thought to hate each other become so close and dependent on each other.”





Hello Mr. Beta!

Pet: Mr. Beta
Owner: Andrea Harrell
Andrea says: “He loves attention and being fed. He also likes to hide out in his glow-in-the-dark cave.”








Hello Mindi!

Pet: Mindi
Owner: Danielle Latour
Danielle says: “Don’t make her mad, otherwise she will come back with a vengeance when you least expect it.”








Hello Bella Rose!

Pet: Bella Rose
Owner: Ann Nelson
Ann says: “Bella is a beast and often gets mistaken for being a boy due to her strong stature and large size, but that is the European in her. She weighs in at a massive 145 lbs. She is the protector of the home. She will stand by you and not leave your side if she senses anything is wrong.”




Hello Cheyenne!

Pet: Cheyenne
Owner: Ann Nelson
Ann says: “She is the first pet my hubby and I got together. We got her as a pup and she is one of the most loving dogs we have had. She is a big fluff ball and a fun joy to have around when you have a water or mud puddle for her to play in!”








Hello Ellie Mae!

Pet: Ellie Mae
Owner: Ann Nelson
Ann says: “No, she is not a huge Dalmatian and don’t call her that! Ellie Mae is a mama’s girl. She is very shy when she first meets you but she is the most loving lap dog you could find. Yep, Great Danes are infamous for being lap dogs! She also looks like a mouse when she flips her ears over.”







Hello Miya!

Pet: Miya
Owner: Ann Nelson
Ann says: Miya is Daddy’s baby. We drove all the way to South Dakota to get her after we lost our first beagle. Miya is silly and goofy but her best trait, just like with any beagle, is her howling! Oh it’s cute at first, then it gets annoying but she knows it. And hers is different and funny sounding. Her cutest thing is that she loves to get in the bed and snuggle all the way underneath the covers. She will huddle right next to you and not move at all.”


Hello Brodie!

Pet: Brodie
Owner: Cydney Reuter
Cyd says: “He looks sweet and innocent, but don’t let him fool you. Thirty seconds after this picture, he ran into the bathroom and unrolled a whole role of TP. He is a real handful. We foster and rehabilitate dogs. Brodie started as a foster, but worked his way into our hearts. He is high-energy with a huge personality.”










Hello Reuben!

Pet: Reuben
Owner: Cydney Reuter
Cyd says: “Reuben is the best dog in the entire world – he is just a little quirky. Reuben was raised in a hoarding situation. There were 60 dogs and one person. Needless to say he is very timid around strangers. When he is at home with people he knows, he is sweet and a little clownish.”

Hello Professor!

Pet: Professor (Fess or Fessie for short)
Owner: Audrey Sellers
Audrey says: “This is a pug who isn’t afraid to ask for what he wants. He loves belly rubs and will whine and cause a fuss when I stop. He’ll even grab my hand with his paws and guide it back to his belly as if to say, ‘We’re not done here.’”










Hello Gizmo!

Pet: Gizmo (aka The Peep’s)
Owner: Sandy Serrano
Sandy says: “He loves to swim, loves baths and is prone to jumping in showers with people on a whim (his whims are often … lock the door). He loves car rides – not like other dogs, though. His head doesn’t stick out the window. He prefers to sit back and cruise. As a result, he has placed the front passenger seat in an eternal state of dibs. He doesn’t know he’s a dog. It’s up for debate, but I think he sees himself as a human kid.”




Hello Maximus and Zeus!

Pets: Maximus (left) and Zeus
Owner: Megan Shughart
Megan says: “Maximus loves to chase his tail in a circle and bring rocks into the house for toys. He is a big-time mama’s boy. He knows when I come home from work every day and waits by the door to welcome me. Zeus also likes to bring rocks into the house for toys. He likes to twirl on his back legs, and he thinks he is a lap dog.”




Hello Nala!

Pet: Nala
Owner: Brett Smith
Brett says: “I taught her how to play fetch!”









Hello Stewart!


Pet: Stewart
Owner: Adam Tremaine
Adam says: “Stewart loves to eat wood mulch.”











Hello VInny!

Pet: Vinny
Owner: Nikki Villarreal
Nikki says: “Vinny ‘Two Guns’ Villarreal earned his name from the spoof obituary of Vinny ‘Two Guns’ Banducci who left this earth on Saturday, December 11, 2010, after a lengthy and rare illness resulting from an over-production of testosterone. Our Vinny is very much a tough guy – so this is fitting.”







Hello Ollie!

Pet: Ollie
Owner: Kathryn Wilson
Kathryn says: “I actually don’t even think he is a dog – he snores like a pig, makes noises like an alien, and has ears like a bat!”










Hello Cooper!

Pet: Cooper
Owner: Katrina Zwilling
Katrina says: “He sleeps on my pillow with me at night.”









Hello Cuddy!Pet: Cuddy
Owner: Kara Cinelli
Kara says: “He’s a rescue puppy whose original name was Milton. He loves ice cubes.”













Hello Scooter, Lilly and Colby!Pets: Scooter, Lilly and Colby
Owner: Ron Denny
Ron says: “I think Scooter was a cat in another life. He will sit on the top part of the couch like a cat. Lilly is the perfect schitzu, and yes, perfect breed name. Colby is the beer drinker – he loves his beer.”



Hello Onyx!


Pet: Onyx
Owner: Jaclyn Gerard
Jaclyn says: “This picture conveys the total essence of Onyx – energy at all times to the max!”






Hello Lucky!


Pet: Lucky
Owner: Jeff Pinsky
Jeff says: “Lucky thinks Samantha and Lindsey are his sisters. He has no idea he’s a dog.”






Hello Mila!

Pet: Mila
Owner: Leah Schneider
Leah says: “Mila is as sweet as she looks. She enjoys being the center of attention and playing fetch. At night she insists on wiggling her way under the covers and loves licking!”









Hello Zoey!
Pet: Zoey
Owner: Sheila Johnshoy
Sheila says: “She chases her tail and catches it, then has no idea what to do with it! Hard to be pretty and smart. She also hasn’t met a toy she can’t destroy.”




Hello Jessie!

Owner: Jason Robbins
Jason says: “Jessie is a Havenese. She is a really easygoing dog in terms of not being too demanding. She’s a little afraid of strangers but with the family she is sweet and funny. She loves visiting her boyfriend, Mazzi, our neighbor’s dog. Don’t leave your underwear on the floor or you’ll need a new pair. Gross Jessie! Bad dog!”


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