Promotional Products, Outstanding People, And A Heaping Helping Of Creativity

I must say:  The promotional products industry is amazing! As I explain what I do to friends and family, I usually end the conversation with: “I get to play with toys!”

Our industry is led by incredibly talented people and overseen by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) and Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI). Each year, these organizations release tons of interesting data.

In the next few months, ASI will be coming out with its 2014 State of the Industry report. The 2013 State of the Industry report is also jam-packed with useful information. It laid out 10 strategies for the promotional products industry.

I actually found the strategic article: “The Competitor You Can’t See” quite interesting.

With lines to ponder like: “[Name] agrees, but insists that the consultative sales model is far from waning in the ad specialty marketplace … You have customers who order and know exactly what they want … But a large majority of customers are looking for creative ideas.”

And …

“[Name] believes the tenor swings toward consulting … I believe that 90% of the people who are buying products want to feel they have an actual rep they’re dealing with because of the nature of the product.”

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Photo via

We are so misunderstood.  I believe people are still missing the point on at least what ePromos is and who we are as a company.

I had the opportunity to spend some time in our Minnesota office last week. The reason for my visit? Live up to a bet I made to the team. I ended up cooking and serving shrimp and grits – a Southern favorite (and now a St. Cloud, Minnesota, favorite).

hope at breakfast

That’s me on the left, serving up some good homestyle eats

If that wasn’t fun enough, I enjoyed talking and learning from the reps in the Minnesota office. The energy on the sales floor was higher than I have ever felt. We even had an impromptu contest that resulted in the best sales day for the dot com team in the history of ePromos.

Now if that doesn’t get a manager excited nothing will!

Being on the floor listening to the sales calls, I was hearing something like never before: a real creative buzz. Repeat customers calling in and asking for their personal rep, and the personal rep giving creative solutions to the customer’s needs.

I shared before that ePromos has a face, and it is serving up awesome creative ideas.

So go on thinking that we are just a turn and burn order-taking company, and we will continue dazzling customers with great value and creativity.

Man, I love my job!

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