Why I Love The Promo Products Industry

[This is a guest post from Hope Binegar, ePromos’ Senior Merchandising Manager – Vendor Relations. Hope, though normally quite graceful, took a tumble at a recent promo products industry event. She recounts her experience here.]

PPAI’s Product Safety Summit turned out to be a not-so-safe experience. For me, at least. I broke my ankle at the promo products industry’s premier product safety event. Ironic right?!

There isn’t even a really good story behind it. I wasn’t running to save a child from the grips of death or dancing on tables. The truth is, I was just walking, and the sidewalk jumped up and bit me.

I have to be honest and say it does stink to be 900+ miles away from home and be injured, but I couldn’t have asked for a better group to be with.

PPAI’s staff, suppliers and competitors’ folks took me in as one of their own that day. Words cannot adequately express how much I owe them.

Here is just a small list of how they helped:

1)      Getting me to the ER

2)      Hanging with me for the whole four-hour ordeal

3)      Brining me an awesome dinner in the ER along with white or red “coffee”

4)      Gelato

5)      Getting me back to the hotel

6)      Picking up my prescription

7)      Searching two hotels and a convenience store for ginger ale

8)      Checking on me constantly

9)      Sending lunch up to my room

10)  Pushing me in my wheelchair

11)  Getting me to the airport and escorting me to my gate

12)  Follow-up calls, e-mails, fruit arrangements and cards

I am privileged to be part of such a wonderful industry. PPAI’s Bob Mclean said it best: “In this industry, you are never alone.”

Yes Bob, as long as people like you are in this industry, no one will ever be alone.

ePromos’ Hope Binegar (left) has company (and dinner!) from PPAI’s Rachel Robichaud and Bob McLean at the hospital.


Not an expected turn of events at a Product Safety Summit.


The cast is so Hope. She’s an Auburn Football fan.



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