10 Promotional Food Gifts To Make Your Customers’ Mouths Water

People love promotional food gifts. It doesn’t matter if it’s a basket of fresh-baked cookies or a personalized tin of crunchy, salty pretzels, people stop what they’re doing to check it out. Food gets attention.

You can’t open a ribbon-adorned truffle box or crack into a container of gourmet popcorn and not want to taste a bite. Or four.

But food isn’t a great promotional gift just because it stands out or because it makes people’s taste buds dance.

There’s another reason it’s smart to put your marketing where their mouth is.

Fifty percent of recipients feel more favorable toward the advertiser after receiving a promotional food gift, according to ASI’s Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study.

If you want to make a memorable impression, opt for palate-pleasing promos. ’Tis the season for snacking, and whatever edible gift you send your customers’ way, it goes a long way toward establishing goodwill. People are happy when they’re enjoying a tasty bite, and your brand can be associated with those positive feelings when you give food gifts.

Here’s a look at the top 10 promotional food gifts, and for more ideas, browse ePromos’ full collection of custom food.

promo popcorn

Your logo is prominently displayed on this Custom Popcorn Tin, which holds two gallons of fresh-popped popcorn in four flavors.


promotional snacks gift box

The Promotional Snacks Gift Box features a milk- or dark-chocolate centerpiece customized with your logo. The surrounding trays are filled with your choice of premium confections.


gourmet gift tower

Make a statement with the Gourmet Custom Gift Tower. It’s perfect to send to offices for co-workers to share. A burgundy ribbon foil-stamped with your logo is the finishing touch.


promotional cookie tin

Whether you opt for classic chocolate chip or a variety of flavors, you can’t go wrong giving your customers a Promotional Cookie Tin. The tins are reusable, so your logo sticks around.


promo chocolate squares

These Promo Chocolate Squares are a real attention-getter. Each chocolate cube is individually wrapped in foil featuring your custom design and then packed in a transparent acrylic box. A festive ribbon amps up the presentation.


truffle custom gift box

These Truffle Custom Gift Boxes make a big impact on a budget (they’re as low as $4.09 a box). Choose from an assortment of gourmet flavors such as dark chocolate champagne and milk chocolate amaretto. Want to go bigger? Opt for a four-piece or nine-piece truffle box.


party starter custom gift box

The Party Starter Custom Gift Box is packed with a mix of sweet and savory treats, plus a logo imprinted cutting board. It’s the ultimate foodie gift.


custom snack box with ribbon

This Custom Gold Snack Box is filled with your choice of snack – pretzels, peanuts, animal crackers, and the like – and tied off with a colorful imprinted ribbon.


personalized buttermints

Associate your brand with the melty, timeless flavor of buttermints. These Personalized Mints are individually wrapped, making them perfect for office candy dishes.


six-way variety tin

There’s a snack for everybody in the Six-Way Variety Custom Tin. It’s filled to the top with treats such as chocolate-covered pretzels and cheddar cheese popcorn, and it features your logo as a bold imprint on the lid and front.




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