Burger King Promo Games a Whopping Success

Burger King just announced that the promotional games they have developed for the Xbox have sold over 2 million copies in their first month. That’s a lot of games. Unlike free happy meal toys, Burger King is selling them for $3.99, and proving that people will pay money for a promotional product, if it’s something your audience wants. Of course, it probably doesn’t hurt to promote your promo with tons of television advertising. It’s also worth noting transition towards Burger King as an entertainment brand. As the public becomes more concerned with the obesity epidemic, traditionally strong children’s entertainment brands like Disney are curtailing their promotion with fast food and junk food companies. They were smart to stay away from food related promo products. In 2007, the big fast food chains will probably all be focused on capturing young customers with creative promos that don’t rely on big entertainment brands. (via MIT’s Ad Lab)

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