Chupa Chups Uses Candy and Creative Packaging to Stifle Screams

This creative Halloween promotion comes from Chupa Chups, a popular lollipop company known for memorable marketing campaigns that rely on fun packaging and creative presentation.

As is the case with many of Chupa Chups advertisements, the best part about this promotion isn’t even the candy itself – it’s the clever custom packaging that lets Chupa Chups temporarily re-brand themselves to take advantage of seasonal opportunities or target specific audiences. In this case, the confectioner packaged their lollipops in a reflective bag that mimics the look of medication. The candy inside is positioned as “Scream Stoppers”, an easy way for people to “block embarassing shreiks, screams, and wails” during scary activities on Halloween.

The custom packaging includes a classic vintage horror movie illustration, as well as instructions and intended uses:

Do horror movies make you screech like a dial-up modem? Do surprise parties leave you shrieking like a baby on a plane? Fear no more! Scream Stopper is 100% guaranteed to block humiliating vocal emissions at their source, for complete peace of mind.

Chupa Chups gave out thousands of Scream Stoppers in Singapore during the lead up to Halloween this year. The branded candy was distributed at horror films, haunted houses, and other scary places.

In the past, Chupa Chups packaged their promo lollipops in cigarette packs and positioned the candy as a way to quit smoking.

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