Custom Beer Glasses Should Do A Brew Right

custom bar glasses

Something was amiss with our custom beer glasses on a recent trip to Hartford, Connecticut. We were going to see the band Wilco at The Bushnell.  We stopped into The Russian Lady one of Hartford’s famous bars near the XL Center. The bartender was really friendly and suggested we try some local Pale Ale from the Southport Brewing Company. While the beer was amazing we strained to read the logo on their glassware.

It was clear that they are mindful of their advertising and take time to produce marketing collateral like these custom pilsner glasses and branded pint glasses with taglines and graphics, however when you take that kind of time, you want to make sure that your custom imprint stands out and is clearly readable.

“After obvious thought to marketing, their imprints were nearly impossible to read.”

Being the promo know-how people, we’d like to share our two cents when it comes to branding with two key tips:

Tip#1 – Always consider the location in which the item will be viewed. A white or light-colored imprint would have been a better choice considering that when people see the logo, the glass is typically filled with beer, making a clear glass essentially brown. Dark colors on dark colors will typically cause a readability issue. Guinness Stout shows that they understand this issue as you can see here in their iconic pint glass.

branded glass

Tip #2 Create your own background.  You see this tip a lot on custom apparel and t-shirts.  The concept is to create your own background by using two or more colors. Sierra Nevada and Blue Moon are great examples of using multiple imprint colors to create a background so your custom imprinted item is seeing.


Blue Moon Custom Pilsner Glass

custom beer glass Sierra Nevada

Hey, Russian Lady: Call us and we’ll give you 20% off your next order so you can get your brand recognized.

Promo know-how tip: A dark imprint on clear glasses in a dark place is a bad combination when ordering glasses or custom mugs. Don’t do it. If you are looking for advice on designing effective promotional products for your bar or restaurant, talk to our promotions specialists about how to make your logo stand out—whatever promotional item you choose.

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