Custom Coasters: A Clever Way To Promote Responsible Drinking

Custom coasters aren’t just for protecting tabletops from water rings—they’re also a creative way to promote a public service message.

We love how Laus Beer is using custom coasters to promote its brand and responsible drinking.  When bar goers start off their night, they see custom coasters with the message: “How about a beer?” along with Laus’s logo. A custom drinking glass would have also been an option.

As the night unfolds (and the beers mount up), the message on the coasters changes as a result of the condensation from the drinks: “And a ride? If you drink, don’t drive.”

These custom coasters are a great reminder to enjoy the evening responsibly. They show that Laus Beer isn’t in the business of simply selling cold ones, but that the brand is taking action to prevent drinking and driving.

See the clever promo here:

Promo know-how tip: Take advantage of the double imprint area on custom coasters, and promote your logo or message on both sides.


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